From the airport to any location in Minsk, all on a fixed price!


Our fleet consists of only modern 2016-2018 vehicles. See what vehicle best suites you by reading the description below.

Standard: This type of vehicle class is ment for business trips and transfers. Booking a vehicle like this is great if you plan on traveling with up to 4 people with a small amount of luggage. All of our cars are in pristine condition and come with GPS systems, Wi-Fi, cell phone chargers, and car seats (if needed).

Premium: Our premium class automobiles will help reflect the image of any outstanding individual. Choosing such a vehicle demonstrates your immaculate taste as well as providing comfortable environment for your co- workers/business partners We offer Wi-Fi, charging stations for electronic, climate control systems, and drinking water all at your disposal. All of our drivers follow a strict dress code, and have high qualifications. They will not only get you to your destination on time, but will also take care of your luggage. Business: This option is great for any serious businessman who values the time of his colleagues. A great choice if you are planning to meet or send off your business partners, colleagues, or any other important persons. You will also be impressed by our amazing service: professional drivers who all follow a dress code and will deliver you to your destination on time and handle your luggage.Each automobile comes with bottled water, access to Wifi, air conditioning, and charging stations.

MiniBus: A spacious minibus that can comfortably accommodate up to 20 people, ideal for large groups of people, the bus comes with a large luggage bay and Wi-Fi for the most pleasant passenger experience.

Minivan: This option is great for business trips as well as families and is most efficient at a 4-8 passenger capacity. A trip in this type of vehicle will surely leave an impression on your business partners as all of our minivans come with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and cell phone chargers.

We recommend this type of vehicle especially for family transfers to the airport as our minivans are always carry car seats which allows for a safe and comfortable journey, additionally the minivans feature a large storage bay for all of your luggage.