We’ll get you from the from the airport to any location in Minsk, all on a fixed rate.


How much does it cost to rent of your minibuses in Minsk?
We try to set the lowest tariffs as possible. All of our transactions are done in person or through the phone, in each case the rates are calculated individually.
Can I book several minibus or minivans?
Yes, at Tansfer-Minsk.com you can book several vehicles at the same time.
What if one of your vehicles breaks down during a trip?
Our fleet consists of several automobiles, minibuses, and minivans, and we are happy to send a backup vehicle in case of an emergency.
Does your company organize trips abroad?
Yes, all you need is provide the necessary documentation.
Can I book a vehicle without a driver.
With passenger safety being our number one concern, we only provide vehicles with our own professional drivers.
I made a booking on your website, how do I know which car I should look for?
Our operators will be able to send all the help you need with the contact information you provided when booking the trip.
Can I get in touch with my drivers directly if I need to change the time of his arrival or do I have to contact your office?
Yes, you can personally call the driver and if the time change is insignificant notify him about.
I just flew in from another country, how do I find my driver at the airport.
After booking a transfer we send all the necessary information to your email address or cell phone (car make, model, license number, driver name and cell phone number.). From there you have two possible ways of meeting the driver:
Option 1: After landing and picking up your luggage you call or message your driver saying that you are coming out of the airport. With the information that you previously received you head towards the described vehicle where the driver will assist you in loading your luggage and take straight to your desired destination.
Option 2: The driver will meet you at the airport with a tablet with the information you stated when booking the transfer. He will then greet you help you with your luggage and guide towards the automobile. After leaving the airport you will have to pay 20 belarussian rubles (10 USD) if the vehicle stayed in at airport parking lot for more than 20 minutes. Airport policy states that vehicles parked on airport grounds from 20 minutes to an hour have to pay a tariff of 20 Belarusian rubles and an additional 20 rubles per every other hour at the airport
How can I pay for the trip?
Method 1: Pay the driver in person. If you don't have any belarusian currency on you we’ll drive to an exchange point free of charge.
Method 2: You can pay for your transfer using WEBPAY. The driver will be notified about the payment method and will give you a document confirming the transaction.
Method 3: Pay for the trip with your a bank card using a payment terminal inside the vehicle. You will recieve areceipt after the payment.
What do I need to do if I don't receive my transfer?
If for some reason you don't receive your transfer contact us via email info@transfer-minsk.com or by calling the following telephone numbers : +375 (29) 33-22-594, +375 (29) 84-55-019 where our managers will resolve the situation .
Can I book a trip with a carseat?
Yes, when ordering a transfer state that you require a carseat for a certain age.
Do your automobiles come with Wi-Fi?
Yes, all of our vehicles come equipped with high speed 3G internet with a free wifi hotspot. The password for the hotspot is the same as it’s log in. The passwords in all of our vehicles are identical so next time you use our service you will automatically connect to our Wi-Fi.
Can I transport animal in your vehicles, if so are there any extra fees that I need to be aware of?
Animal transfer are allowed and come with no extra charge.
If I need to make a stop at another location and stay for about an hour will the driver be able to wait for me?
When booking a transfer please state that you need to be driven along a specific route. Our operators will then calculate the cost of your trip.