From the airport to any location in Minsk, all on a fixed price!

Transfer from the train station to the airport

Every day train station takes passengers to long distance and international directions. Often the next item in the trip is the national airport.

Certainly, it is possible to get from the railway station Minsk to the airport using public transport. But there are some nuances.

  • Deciding to travel by bus or taxi, you will be taken automatically in dependence on the schedules of their movement. If the time between the arrival of the train and the plane is small, you may be too late.
  • You need to consider that all types of public transportation make stops along the route for boarding and alighting passengers. Therefore, such a trip takes more time.

Amenities in this little movement. But if you order a taxi from the railway station to the airport, you can avoid many problems. For example, don't have to carry heavy Luggage, look for the right street and stopping points, if you do not know the city.

Perhaps the cost of a taxi in Minsk from railway station to your destination frustrating you will be amazed. The history of inflated rates are quite frequent.

With our Shuttle transfer from-minsk you will avoid the inflated prices and can comfortably drive in a taxi from the railway station of Minsk National airport. At your disposal:

  • Possibility of payment via the website or cash at the driver;
  • Cars 2015-2016 edition.
  • Insurance of passengers;
  • Baby car seats when necessary;
  • Highly skilled drivers with knowledge of foreign languages and an experience of over 3 years.

We deliver your orders 24 hours a day and seven days a week.